At True North Studios, our personal values are at the heart of every professional project we take on, they guide the way we work, and they’re reflected in the products we create. We want our work to be useful in the world, and so we’re committed to using multimedia as an important tool to inform and inspire people.

Working to educate
We like information-rich projects, and we’re good at information design and storytelling. Our projects usually have an educational goal, so we always look for ways to make information clear, relevant, compelling and meaningful to viewers.

Working cooperatively
We put a strong focus on the quality of our relationships with every person connected to our production process. In our experience as producers, successful projects emerge in an atmosphere of open communication, collaboration, competency, and trust.

Working efficiently
While our core team is small, we call on an extended network of contract professionals to contribute to our projects, allowing us to run a lean operation without compromising on quality. Over the years, we’ve refined our organizational methods, and even developed our own technology tools to increase efficiency. From accurately projecting and meeting budgets, to providing mechanisms for media-tracking and feedback, our clients can rely on us to run a tight ship.

Working creatively
We collaborate with highly gifted and experienced artistic talent in all areas of production to reach our goals—people with whom we have long respectful associations, and who share our avid interest in educational content. While every team creates an original product in the end, we aim for consistency in our overall design aesthetic, favoring simple elegance and a clean look.

Working thoughtfully
The production process has many phases, and it can be complicated and require sensitivity in so many ways. We pay attention to the big and little details, making sure the language of communication, the images, the subtleties of message, and most of all, the human relationships we build, all receive our care.

I truly enjoyed the experience and the kids had a lot of fun! What a neat way to spend the day. Everyone was so helpful and encouraging. Thank you for everything.

Nichole Harshbarger
Kingswood Elementary