Client Feedback

I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and your amazing crew! It was truly a learning experience for me to see your professionalism, teamwork and flexibility.

Carol Stein
Learning Coordinator
Clara Barton School

I am really excited about the DVDs. True North did a wonderful job. Absolutely awesome! Thanks so much for all of your hard work. Very impressed.

Stephen Curtis, Ph.D.
Director of Special Education
Seattle University

Thank you for all your work. You and your crew were so darn easy to work with. We are so pleased with your work. It was a great experience. Thanks!

Cinda Johnson, Ed.D.
Principal Investigator
Center for Change
in Transition Services

Everyone loves the videos! Thanks again for all your excellent work.

Beverlee Jobrack
Editorial Director
Real Math / McGraw-Hill


Your customer support and service could not be better. Not only did you design a great website for us, but you’ve been there every step of the way, helping us to maintain the site and manage the content. You guys are fabulous. Thanks so much!

Georgia Brown
Cultural Events Coordinator
Bainbridge Island Metro
Park & Recreation District


I just wanted you to know what an enduring and memorable job you did with the ADS presentation, and how grateful I am.

Roger Swearingen
Learning Products Specialist
Agilent Technologies

Awesome, professional, flexible, persistent, unwavering, dedicated…are only a few of the descriptors which illustrate my experience with True North. When I was given the assignment of overseeing hours of video production in classrooms, I, as a novice, felt completely overwhelmed. Then I met the True North crew and I became confident that this project would not only come to fruition, but the end product would be masterful.

I do enjoy being right!  The entire crew, cameramen, sound, and production assistants gave their all in a variety of difficult situations -- older school buildings presented both sound and light issues; glitches in the delivery of materials; the unpredictability of children in the classroom; etc. All of these issues were handled with aplomb and a spirit of ‘all things are possible.’  I am truly grateful for all of True North’s efforts and the quality of their work and I would highly recommend their talents to anyone considering creating videos.

Carolyn M Moore
Senior National Mathematics Consultant
SRA/Wright Group/McGraw-Hill