Professional Development Video Samples

Segment: Soils Unit (Excerpt*)
Project: Writing in Science
Client: Seattle Public Schools/NSF
In the culmination of an in-depth soils investigation unit, these second graders in Seattle, Washington, conduct one final test to help determine the composition of their local soil. Having guided his students through a process of testing, data-recording, reflection, and discussion to explain their thinking, the teacher then uses a writing frame to help students summarize their conclusions in writing by drawing on the evidence they’ve gathered along the way.

*This video is a work-in-progress documenting Betsy Rupp Fulwiler’s Writing in Science curriculum in the Seattle School District. It is not for distribution or use, even for educational purposes. All rights are reserved.
Science in Writing

We're all delighted with the videos! We can't believe what a brilliant job you and your team did with all this. They are exactly what teachers need to see.

Betsy Rupp Fulwiler
Writing in Science
Seattle Public Schools