Professional Development Video Samples

Segment: Ecosystems Unit (Excerpt*)
Project: Writing in Science
Client: Seattle Public Schools/NSF
As part of a larger science unit on ecosystems, this teacher in Seattle, Washington, leads her fourth graders in a field research activity outdoors. Later, she asks students to carefully observe the model terrariums they’ve built in the classroom. Using graphic organizers, the teacher then guides her students through a compare-and-contrast activity, demonstrating one way that scaffolds provide important support for the development of writing skills.

*This video is a work-in-progress documenting Betsy Rupp Fulwiler’s Writing in Science curriculum in the Seattle School District. It is not for distribution or use, even for educational purposes. All rights are reserved.
Science in Writing

We're all delighted with the videos! We can't believe what a brilliant job you and your team did with all this. They are exactly what teachers need to see.

Betsy Rupp Fulwiler
Writing in Science
Seattle Public Schools